Grand Opening Event

We want to learn more about your business and help you celebrate your grand opening or any major milestone. 

Fill out our online form to invite the Mayor and Councillors to attend your event. After the opening we will feature your business in our monthly newsletter and through social media.

Here's how it works, four weeks before the event:

  1. Contact Economic Development staff with a suggested date/time for your event. We will check schedules to see if the date is possible.
  2. Submit the online form.
  3. Economic Development staff will follow up with you to find out more about your business.
  4. Regulatory Services, Building and Fire staff will be circulated the request to provide clearance - if there are any outstanding issues on the property or a Fire inspection is required we will notify you as soon as possible.   *Note: if any construction requiring a building permit occurred on the site an Occupancy Permit must be issued prior to confirmation of the event date.
  5. Once clearance has been granted, you may contact the newspapers and plan your event.
  6. Economic Development staff will work with you to do a Business Profile. After your event we'll put it on our website, and promote in our newsletter and on the Town's social media channels.

Business Event request