Cost of Doing Business

When your business weighs the differences between the cost of doing business in different regions, it’s important to consider all contributing factors. Caledon has the lowest tax and development charge rates in the Region.

Businesses locating here also benefit from low Provincial and Federal corporate tax rates, and a stable, safe and competitive business environment.

  • Canada's Marginal Effective Tax Rate (METR) on new business investment is lower than any G7 nation

  • Overall tax rate lower than the United States

  • Soundest banking system in the world according to the World Economic Forum

  • Greater Toronto Area has strong and steady GDP growth, contributing 18.5% of Canada's GDP

 Tax Rates

Combined Provincial and Federal corporate tax rate: 26.5%

Caledon remains competitive with the lowest industrial and commercial tax rates in the Region of Peel.

Caledon Tax Rates

 Development Fees

Annually Caledon Council adopts the Fees By-Law which lists all fees charged for Town services.

Caledon Fees By-Law

Development Charges

Development charges are fees paid by developers to help cover the initial capital cost of infrastructure required to accommodate service growth. This infrastructure may include roads, sidewalks, recreational facilities, libraries, parks, fire stations and other infrastructure needed to support complete communities.

Development charge fees are charged by the Town of Caledon, Region of Peel and Boards of Education. The Town of Caledon collects the fees on behalf of all parties.

Development Charge Info and Rates

 Electricity Rates

How much electricity you use determines the rate you pay. Residential consumers and small businesses, for the most part, pay time-of-use rates, while mid to large businesses pay hourly wholesale prices.

Rates for Small Business

Businesses with a peak demand of 50 kilowatts or more pay the wholesale price for electricity.

The wholesale price is determined by matching supply with Ontario's demand for electricity in the real-time market operated by the IESO. 

Rates for Medium to Large Business

Natural Gas Rates

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) sets the rates for the natural gas used by residents and business.

 Gas Rates

 Water Service Connection Fees

Region of Peel collects a submission fee is for all institutional, commercial and industrial. (fees are adjusted annually and are subject to change without notice)

Please contact for payment method.

Program and Fees