Every five years, Statistics Canada conducts an official census. Review the 2016 census results for Caledon. For more information about Caledon's demographics, check out the Peel Data Centre.

Demographics at a glance

Here is some data from the 2016 census to help give you a better understanding of Caledon's community profile and demographics:

  • Caledon's population is 75,957 (2020 estimate)
  • The population increased 11.8% from 2011 to 2016
  • The average age of Caledon's residents is 39.1 years
  • The population is almost divided evenly between males and females
  • The vast majority of occupied dwellings are single detached homes
  • The majority of households have between two and four occupants

Economic Indicators

Major Employers

Caledon provides a solid foundation for new and expanding industries. A great location and access to a dynamic well-educated workforce are just a couple of the reason's companies are locating and growing here.

Here's our top 10 employers (Source: 2018 Employer Survey):

  • Husky Injection Moulding, head office and manufacturing facility
  • Mars Canada, head office and manufacturing facility
  • Canadian Tire Distribution Centre, largest in Canada
  • Amazon Distribution Centre and Print-On-Demand Shop 
  • Verdi Alliance Group, construction
  • Delgant
  • The Harman Group
  • Nesel Fast Freight
  • Sunrise Freight Systems
  • Multi Vans