Agriculture and Food

As one of the largest primary goods producing sectors in Caledon, the agricultural and food sector plays a key role in the Town's economy.

Farm statistics


  • 85% of farms and 94% of the farmland in the Region of Peel are in Caledon
  • over 565 are directly employed in Agriculture

Primary production

  • beef cattle,
  • dairy cattle,
  • sheep and goat,
  • oil seed and grain farming,
  • vegetable and fruit,
  • greenhouse, nursery and floriculture
  • poultry and egg

Food Processing

Caledon is within the densest areas for food processing within the Golden Horseshoe and have key competitive advantages with access to a trained labour force, availability of serviced industrial land and proximity to major transportation routes.

Top companies:

  • Mars Canada
  • Agrocrop Exports Ltd.
  • Sardo Foods

Value-added Agriculture

Caledon has a policy frame work that encourages and enables more flexible uses on farm such as agri-tourism, agricultural-related commercial, agricultural-related industrial and other on-farm diversified uses.


Caledon has a long and prosperous equestrian breeding history and is home to the Caledon Equestrian Park. The host site for the equestrian events for the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Games. The Park is an international centre for equestrian excellence.

Agriculture Systems and Planning

Town of Caledon with the Region of Peel are in the process of updating the Regional and Municipal Official Plans. The policies will incorporate the Agricultural System approach, protecting agricultural land and supporting the agri-food network as well as enhancing the support for urban agriculture and access to affordable and healthy local food.

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