Planning and Permitting

The Town of Caledon oversees many types of development, from minor variances to entire subdivisions.

Land use

Most types of development need to be reviewed to make sure they meet various guidelines, by-laws and plans, including our Official Plan and our Zoning By-law.

Official Plan

Caledon's Official Plan is a statement of principles, goals, objectives and policies intended to guide future land use, physical development and change and takes into account the social, economic and environment impact of growth and development. The plan contains policies that govern land use and provides the basis for preparing zoning and other by-laws.

Official Plan - Town of Caledon

Zoning By-law

The Zoning By-law is set by policies in the Town's Official Plan. The By-law divides the Town into zones, each for specific uses. The By-law regulates:

  • Land use
  • Building location on a property
  • The height, bulk, location, size, floor area, space and use of buildings and structures
  • Parking and loading facilities

Zoning By-law information

Preliminary meetings

Before submitting an application, please contact the Planning Division to discuss your new project. Once they have a better idea of your project, they may recommend a "Preliminary Meeting" to take an initial look at your plans, explain the process and identify any concerns that might need to be addressed.

This meeting is optional, although we recommend it!

You may contact Planning staff at: 905-584-2272 x. 7338 or

Development Application Information 

Building permits

Most construction or renovation projects require a building permit. Check out the Building and Renovation page for information to assist you.

Need assistance? Contact Building Services staff 905-584-2272 x. 2233 or

Region of Peel

The Region of Peel is responsible for, amongst other things, regional roads, water and waste water servicing and review all development applications. 

Peel Development Application Resources

Restaurants / food premises

If you are opening a new food premises, you are required to notify Peel Public Health and have your floor plans approved

Check out the Peel Public Health Guide: What food operators need to know 

Questions? Peel Public Health 905-799-7700 | 


Want to set up or expand a temporary patio? The Town has an expedited process and the fees have been waived for 2021.

Temporary patio process

Start a bed and breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are popular throughout Caledon. Learn the requirements you need to turn your home into a B&B and start making extra income today.

Not sure where to start?

Contact Economic Development staff we're happy to assist.