Reports and Studies

In addition to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law there are a number of studies and plans affecting the future economic development in Caledon.

 Economic Development Strategy 2020-2030

A ten-year plan providing direction to improve Caledon's economy.

Economic Development Strategy

 Bolton Downtown Revitalization Plan

Adopted in 2021, the Plan provides direction to revitalize the downtown core of Bolton

 Employment Land Needs Study

 A study of long-term employment land needs to 2051.

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Multi-Modal Transportation Master Plan

The Town of Caledon has initiated a Multi-Modal Transportation Master Plan (MMTMP). The key component of the Plan is to set out a long-term transportation strategic direction or vision for the Town.

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Community Climate Change Action Plan

The Resilient Caledon Plan is the Town's most ambitious community climate change action plan. The Plan contains over 60 actions to prepare for the local impacts of climate change (i.e. flooding and extreme heat) and achieve the following greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets:

  • 2030: Reduce GHG emissions 36% below 2016 levels
  • 2050: Reach net zero GHG emissions

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Agricultural Trends Study

The agricultural sector plays a key role in supporting the Town of Caledon’s economy, cultural heritage, and environmental stewardship. With increasing rates of growth expected to occur in Caledon over the next 30 years, protecting the agricultural land base for future productive use is a key priority.

The Town of Caledon commissioned a study of agricultural trends to 2051 to help inform the development of agricultural planning policy as part of the Future Caledon Official Plan Review

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